Google Unveils its eBook store — Google Ebooks

Amazon won’t be happy as big G steps up its competition in Ebook Online Selling. Google has been very busy scanning a wide range of books — classic, university papers to historical books. Now, they are in the business of selling best sellers also!!! For the span of 7 years since they’ve launch Google Books since 2004, they have scanned more than 15 million books from more than 35,000 publishers. And now, these copies is also available through the Google Ebook Store. I am not a big fan of eBooks but with the trend, I’m having second thoughts, especially that Google has now jumped into the bandwagon.

Several mainstream devices are compatible with Google eBooks such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Sony Nook, Android devices and for the Web; this provides lots of compatiblity and giving a wider scope of readership. You could adjust the text size, font face, line space and alignment of any of these apps.

Here’s a sample of the Web reader for Alice in the Wonderland. Ebooks will be saved in your Google Account which allows you to bookmark pages in multiple computers.

You could start shopping for ebooks here — Google Ebooks Store. Classic books of course are available as free downloadable. Tell me what you think? Is this a good move from Google of challenging other biggies such as Amazon, considering that they already have Yahoo-Microsoft and Facebook fighting for the search market?

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  1. Very intresting article. You did a great job. Thank you.

  2. Very interesting news. I am a fan of ebooks since most books nowadays are very expensive. But I haven't check the Google Ebook store yet. Hopefully, they're selling them with a good price.

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