SEO Evolution: Past, Present and Future of Search Quality

Google Web Spam lead Matt Cutts draws mixed reactions in his post regarding their search quality results. This has been in relation to several complaints that Google is not doing enough in handling spam more specifically serving low-quality content farms in its result pages. Rand Fishkin also posted early December about anchor text spam and how the Google team is blindsidedly doing nothing about it.  

Of course you could game Google Rankings, but the question is, how do you play it without anybody noticing? The winner is he who plays the game discreetly…   - Jim Rey

Using Internet Archives for checking Domain Age

internet-archive-as-domain-age-checkerChecking the first archive page is a good indicator of domain age. The largest and most popular archive is the Wayback Machine which contains 10 billion pages collected as early as year 1996, just a year before Larry and Sergey first crawled the internet using a program named Googlebot in year 1997.

A number of Domain age checkers such as are using their library index for domain age. Archive-it and WebCite are other alternatives but with only limited index usually images, pdf’s and newspaper articles.

How to check the age of domain using archives:

  1. Go to Wayback Machine page.

Google Unveils its eBook store — Google Ebooks

Amazon won’t be happy as big G steps up its competition in Ebook Online Selling. Google has been very busy scanning a wide range of books — classic, university papers to historical books. Now, they are in the business of selling best sellers also!!! For the span of 7 years since they’ve launch Google Books since 2004, they have scanned more than 15 million books from more than 35,000 publishers. And now, these copies is also available through the Google Ebook Store. I am not a big fan of eBooks but with the trend, I’m having second thoughts, especially that Google has now jumped into the bandwagon.

How to Rank in Google Place Results

With the recent launch of Google Place Search on October 27, 2010, the SEO community has been uneasy on how their sites would perform. I’ve seen few of our client sites dropping from Position 1 to Page 3 results, while some have retained its first page rankings.

We have done some few research and found out that Place search do still use some major Google Organic Ranking signals in its algorithm — still factoring in the number of inbound links, anchor text, link authority and some basic onpage factors such as title tag. Without official confirmation from Google, this is nothing but pure speculations –no different from “bounce rate” conjecture as a ranking signal.

Who is Lin Mun Poo?

Lin Mun Poo CartoonLin Mun Poo is a 32-year old hacker from Malaysia who is known for cracking the firewall of the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank last June 2010 and stole with more than 400,000 credit card numbers. This is in contrary to the statement issued by Cleveland Fed that Poo only hacked into a network of at least 10 test computers and no Fed data was accessed.

Poo also confessed of breaking into computer networks of various international finance centers. Prosecutors added that on August 2010, he also hacked a major Department of Defense contractor which manage systems for highly sensitive military operations. Some of known systems he broke are FedComp, Firemen’s Association of the State of New York and the Mercer County New Jersey Teachers

How to use Facebook for marketing? – A Test for Results

How to use Facebook for MarketingJust yesterday, I was revisiting my old boxing blog site in which due to my keen interest in the sports, I decided to start a boxing site focused on two prized-fighters last year. With at least 10 site traffic monthly, the blog had always been in underperformance ever since I launched it. This has around 10 blog post, most of the content are spinned from other contents in the web. I have just completed of giving this site a new look, and adding some on-page tweaks based on what I’ve learned recently to help improved the site’s search engine crawlability, usability and the visitor’s conversion. I am yet to add google adsense for the said blog as soon as the traffic started to increase, as of this time, the gauge for conversion would be blog comments and revisits.

How to Remove Robots.txt in Google Search Engine Index

Direct answer to this question is.. YOU CAN’T..

Protocol / Exclusion Standard Disallow/Prevent Indexation
Web pages (.html, .php, .asp) Images (.png, gif, .jpg, .bmp) Audio / Video(.mp3, .wav, .avi) Documents (*.doc, *xls, .pdf)
Meta robots tag Yes No No No
Robots.txt Yes Yes Yes Yes
X -robots-tag Yes Yes Yes Yes

Table. Exclusions Standard Table 

But why do you want to de-index your robots text file?

  • Some advanced affiliate marketers are using redirects to show a more user-friendly URL, and disallow these pages, they sometimes use robots text file to keep their products private and safe for more competition.

Dell Latitude XT2 XFR Tablet PC – Built for Tough Enviroments

Launched on late October of 2010, it is the rugged version of Latitude XT2. It is said to be the industry’s smallest, thinnest, rugged, convertible tablet PC which is designed to withstand harsh environments and meet the needs of the tech-savvy outdoor market — military, police, field service organizations and first responders.

Below are its best features:

  • High performance against rain, blowing dust and dirt, vibration and pressure and extreme temperatures.
  • Rubber backlit keyboard for nighttime operation.
  • 12.1″ Sunlight Viewable Convertible Multi-touch screen
  • Quickly convert from traditional laptop to tablet PC while maintaining multi-touch features for both setups.

Finding your No. 1 SEO Competitor

SEO CompetitorYour site will always have a ranking archenemy once you start targeting at a number of more competitive keywords. In order to win the ranking war, it is vital to determine your enemy’s game plan. Study what the enemy’s doing, immitate and outdo your opponent. In SEO, the on-page war is easy to outperform, it is that off-page war that plays the tricks — because it is hidden, powerful and beyond one’s control. Studying your competitor primarily mean to analyze what type of links he is getting: directory links, article submission links, edu/gov links, guest post links, resource links, do-follow comment links and etc. The quantity and quality of these links provides a good snapshot of your competition and how much should be done to outrank your opponent. But before you deal with link competition analysis, you need to determine your number 1 competitor first. Common sense tells us that its the site earning the ranking position you’re probably aiming on. But what if your targeting several keywords? Well, here’s the tip…

Yahoo-Bing Search Update & the Best Linkdomain Replacement

Yahoo has been implementing some very major changes on its search architecture starting this week — Yahoo search in North America is now powered by Bing. This is in part of Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance 10 year deal which was closed last July 29, 2009 to take on search giant Google.

Yahoo Linkdomain query not working

I havent heard any news lately about Yahoo and Bing partnership, until one of my search queries which I mainly depended on for gathering prospect edu/gov links were not working in Yahoo! Search US just of today.


If you enter the above queries in and, no results will be found. Take notice of the “Powered By Bing” text on the footer section for each result page.

URL Rewrites

I’ve been in contact with a client’s developer this past few days regarding URL rewrites of plain old *.html files to *.aspx. The SEO principle involve in this is pretty simple, “301 redirect all old *.html pages to each equivalent new *.aspx pages”. This is pretty tricky and requires more advance coding skills and familiarity with server side scripting, but once implemented properly, you don’t have to worry about URL rewrites affecting your search engine rankings.

Why use 301 redirect?
There are several types of redirects to choose from, but 301 redirect which stands for “permanent redirection” transfers link power from the old pages to new pages.

Finding the Most Relevant Contact for Link Request

In order of priority

  1. Use emails listed in “Link page” , or follow any links for contact forms or links which the site admin suggested for link suggestions.
    • For link suggestions, email
    • Contact for comments and feedbacks.
    • (even any email ad which the ADMIN listed in link page)
    • For more information, e-mail
    • Use contact form(with link to for link recommendations
    • Email found in sidebar of link page
    • Found in footer section of Link Page
      “Suggest links, articles or ideas to include on this site”
      Note: Following this will lead to which is a form for link request

Findings: A Research Study on Exact vs Anchor Text Variation in Links

This is a continuation of the study I conducted on my first month of exposure to SEO(December 2008) under “Research and Analysis” team.

Data Gathered:

Table 1. Inbound links containing keywords in Anchor Text

Number of Words Inbound links containing keywords in Anchor Text % Inbound links NOT containing keywords in anchor text %
One Word 60.12% 39.88%
Two Words 34.29% 65.71%
Three Words 23.82% 76.18%
Total Percentage 39.41% 60.59%

Introduction: A Research Study on Exact vs Anchor Text Variation in Links

This is a study I conducted on my first month (December 2008) of exposure to SEO under "Research and Analysis" team.


The anchor text or link label is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. It can be in External Links (links from other sites), internal links (links on your pages), navigation maps, and links on your main page.